• TigerTraining Logo - the tiger is a symbol of sacred life force, beauty, calm and power

    Become a tiger. Change your life.

    a natural path to refocus your life

    & connect to your deepest potential.

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  • What does TigerTraining give me?

    - 10 days to recalibrate and change your life. TigerTraining is a 10-day retreat that gives you a natural path to refocus your life and connect with your deepest potential. The Tiger is a symbol of sacred life force, beauty, calm and power. A Tiger has both feminine and masculine qualities: playful and direct, gentle and strong, relaxed and self-confident, with instinct and impact.


    - Deeply experienced and caring teachers. Retreat creators Madelon Evers and Kilian Raetzo share 20+ years of experience as professional certified coaches and instructors of yoga, meditation, nature therapy and outdoor sports. We are specialised in holistic growth, self-development, group work in nature, and guiding transformational travel for groups.


    - An integral blend of Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge. TigerTraining teaches you how to live more naturally, focused on the present, letting go of all that no longer serves you.


    - A personal vision and an inspiring plan. At the end of the retreat you will be able to take steps to:


    ☼ feed your inner fire, clarify your vision, dream bigger about life


    ☼ find a new voice, simplify, focus on what really matters to you


    ☼ go beyond old patterns, let go of fears, live on purpose

      How does TigerTraining work?

      TigerTraining enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing with a structured program. We spend most of the time outdoors in beautiful natural settings. We train you in daily practices to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We wake up your inner Tiger through:


      ☼ Personal coaching for self-development


      ☼ Group learning and exploration of life visions


      ☼ Physical practices for flexibility and strength


      ☼ Methods for mindfulness and mental focus


      ☼ Easy ways to manage energy and daily stress


      ☼ Deep relaxation techniques, time to just be, silence

      ☼ Celebration, music, creativity

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    • retreats 2017

      TigerTrainings are offered a few times a year. Each retreat offers an inspiring transformational journey in different locations out in nature. Each retreat helps you go deeper into your practice and exploration.


      We work with each person in the group individually and support the group as a whole to grow emotionally, mentally and physically.


      If you join two TigerTrainings in one year you can quickly develop your deeper physical, emotional and spiritual life force. Benefit from a 20% discount when registering for two retreats in advance.







      Email info@tigertraining.me

      or message us via our TigerTraining Facebook page

      simplify, focus on what really matters to you with fresh air in the Swiss alps


      Sunny Summer

      4 - 13 August 2017

      Enhance your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. Summer retreat in Ligure within medieval villages, rocks and wooded valleys.

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      Spain offers seashores and sunshine to go beyond old patterns, let go of fears and live on purpose

      Spain - Golden Autumn

      13 - 22 October 2017

      Celebrate your sacredness, instinct & impact. Golden autumn retreat in sunny Catalunya. Details coming soon.

      Costa Rica retreat in lush nature to feed your inner fire, clarify your vision and dream bigger about life

      Costa Rica - Ocean Winter

      29 Dec - 7 January 2018

      Come home. Practice your soul path - walk the Tao of the Tiger. Winter retreat on Pacific beaches & jungle. Details coming soon.

    • Italy-Ligure

      summer retreat

      4 - 13 August 2017



      Enhance your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. Summer retreat in Ligure within medieval villages, rocks and wooded valleys.






      Sample daily program


      07:30 healing morning movement and mindfulness

      09:00 breakfast

      10:15 wisdom of the day, insight and preparation for activities

      11:00 outdoor activities: playing and expanding your limits.

      13:00 lunch outdoors

      14:00 outdoor activity continued, group reflection and coaching exercises

      18:00 free space to relax and be

      19:00 dinner

      20:30 inspiration and celebration

      22:00 rest and quiet


      practical information



      4 August 2017 from 16:00 (welcome and introduction at 20:00)


      13 August 2017 at 11:00

      Registration deadline:

      13 June 2017



      Calice Ligure (Region Savona/Genova)



      simple & clean, shared bedroom

      Getting there

      Detailinfos after registration




      The retreat is 10 days and 9 nights ALL-INCLUSIVE 2080 € per person


      Early bird:

      if registered and paid

      until 21 Mai 2017 - 1850 €

      until 23 June 2017 - 1965 €



      • all daily classes and instruction
      • accommodations in shared 2 person rooms
      • 3 delicious healthy meals a day
      • a celebration night
      • transportation to outdoor activities
      • taxes






      With confirmation of your payment received by TigerTraining we can reserve your room, organise transport and other logistics for the retreat.

    • What skills will I learn?

      TigerTraining lets you explore all of your natural beauty, confidence and power through intense personal guidance and fun outdoor group activities. In each retreat you can dive more deeply into:


      ☼ skills to improve your health and physical well-being


      ☼ gaining confidence to let go and simplify life


      ☼ adopting lessons from nature to become more creative and focused




      TigerTraining is a deep dive into your Self

      It is an true encounter with your deepest potential.​


      You can:

      - learn foundational yoga and restorative movement

      - learn meditation to refocus the mind’s eye

      - enjoy easy outdoor activities, hiking, water sports etc.

      - find your inner compass and recalibrate your direction

      - deeply honor your self, your needs, your vision

      - share and make sense of what is transforming in you, with the help of your group

      - learn from nature and ancient wisdom


      Benefits of a TigerTraining include:

      - better health, physical balance and well-being

      - more resilience in face of physical challenges

      - healthy breathing with your whole body

      - getting creative and inspired by nature

      - gaining self-confidence

      - releasing addictions / compulsions

      - learning to let go and simplify life

    • join the adventure

      Early Bird offer for TigerTraining in Italy, 4 - 13 August 2017:


      registered and paid

      until 21 Mai 2017 - 1850 €

      until 23 June 2017 - 1965 €


    • FAQ

      Can I come as a beginner?

      Yes! All activities are accessible for all levels, using safe, gradual progressions. No experience required!


      Can I come later and leave earlier?

      No. As a group retreat, we will be caring for a deep group bond and build community together. We need you to commit to the process and be there for others as well as yourself for the entire time of the retreat.


      By when do I need to register and pay?

      Please the registration deadline for each TigerTraining in this website along with the details of the retreat.


      Can I bring my pet?

      No sorry, we wish you to fully concentrate on your inner tiger.


      Can I bring my children?

      No sorry, this time is for you, to fully concentrate on your inner tiger.


      Can I join as a couple, with my spouse/partner?

      Yes, if you feel free to allow each other to go deeply into your own personal process, to fully concentrate on your own inner tiger.


      Can I join if I am pregnant?

      Yes of course! If you feel healthy and it is safe for you to travel, you can join in the activities we are offering.


      Do you cater to allergies / special diets? Yes, we cater to vegan and vegetarian diets.


      Do I need special insurance?

      Yes, you will need to be insured for accidents including outdoors sports


      Can I rent any equipment I might need for outdoor activities? No, we will provide you with a simple equipment list. Also we can recommend websites where you can buy it or rent gear as needed.


      What kind of clothes do I need?

      We recommend you bring layers for all kinds of weather. We recommend comfortable, easy, casual clothes for moving around in and being outdoors. You will get a recommended packing list after registering for your chosen retreat.


      How far is the retreat from the nearest city?

      We choose locations that are relatively easy to get to from an airport, but we will be far enough out in nature that you won’t be near urban / industrial environments. You will need to count on 1-2 hours minimum travel time to from the nearest public transport hub to the retreat location. Group transport is organized for you from a meeting point at the transport hub.


      Can I get a group transfer to the location?

      Yes, it’s included in the price: details will be sent with your registration.

    • Testimonials

      ☼ Share the love - read what other people say about us.

      “I was touched by Madelon's ability to see how fragile and strong I was and able to give me hints to move forward. Thank you for this.”

      — M.C. Pierroz


      “Kilian is a masterful facilitator who knows how to engage and guide groups - whether large or small. His mindful kind and motivating communication are striking!”

      — M. Hohn


      “Madelon has great balance between listening and input. Structured and absolutely grounded. Good concepts and models to follow. Professional deep experience and coaching quality was an excellent mix”

      — M. Hoffmann

      “Coaching with Madelon definitely exceeded my expectations, the 1-on-1s were great as the she was able to find very easy the right platform to work with me and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone to deepen my understanding about myself.”

      — N. Matyasova


      “With his good sense of tact, professional commitment and empathy Kilian catalyzed a solution-oriented dynamic in our group process. He equally boosted synergistic networking among the participants as well as the focus on a integrated and sustainable approach.” — K. Tissira


      “I will keep Madelon's ability to balance caring and daring as an example in my leadership”

      — JB Tomlin




    • your Team

      Our mission is to share our best with you.

      Madelon Evers is a certified coach and instructor of yoga, meditation, nature therapy and outdoor activities

      Madelon Evers

      As a Dutch-Canadian nomad, I grew up and worked for 25 years in many regions of the world. I work as a coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant on leadership and career development, as well as being a certified yoga teacher. Passionate about nature, I love living outdoors, discovering so much about our own inner nature as we explore with a free spirit and being open to the teachings of the wild. I wish to contribute to a beautiful evolution of human consciousness and create paths to a healthy and inspiring way of life for everyone. I support transformation through creative work, personal and team coaching, leadership training, and systemic nature work with groups. I feel grateful to guide others on a personal journey through some life-changing moments. Look forward to meeting you soon!

      Kilian Raetzo is specialised in holistiec growth, self-development, groupwork in nature, and guiding transformational travel

      Kilian Raetzo

      As a Swiss climbing teacher, yoga teacher and meditation teacher, as well as a life coach and group presenter, I pour my energy freely into a positive change in people and society. In my spare time, I am a global mind activist, a changemaker, an urban mystic, and a campfire guitarist. The luminous green of leaves in the sun, the freshness of moss under my feet, the warmth of a fire at night: these are physical experiences that I cherish. Caring connections with people and with Nature bring ever greater depth to my life experiences. I’m delighted to be able to share the best of me, with you at the next retreat.