• Become a tiger. Change your life.

    a natural path to connect to your deepest potential.

  • What does TigerTraining give me?

    We share 20 years of experience on a path we playfully call „Tao of the Tiger“. We use the Tiger as a symbol of calm and power. The Tiger has both feminine and masculine qualities; she is playful, gentle, confident, wild and fully aware of her sacredness, instinct and impact. Taoism means living into your true Nature, letting go of all that no longer serves you.


    The TigerTraining process we use enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual life force. Tapping into these new resources, you can more easily:


    ☼ dream bigger and live "on purpose"
    ☼ get unstuck, beyond old patterns, to make wishes into reality
    ☼ make a big transition for your future life
    ☼ connect to what really matters to you



      How does TigerTraining work?

      TigerTraining takes you on a 10-day spiritual adventure that helps you reconnect to your wild side, in beautiful natural settings. We train you in daily practices to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This includes:


      • daily yoga
      • meditation
      • outdoor activities in nature
      • personal guidance
      • celebration 
      • and more...
    • retreats 2017

      TigerTrainings are offered a few times a year. Retreats are aimed at 30-55ers. Anyone is welcome to join, no experience required. Each retreat starts from where you are now, and builds on your previous experiences. Each retreat takes you on a slightly different but always unforgettable spiritual adventure. People who join TigerTrainings once or twice a year, notice how quickly their physical, emotional and spiritual life force develops.


      In each retreat you dive more deeply into:

      • skills to improve health and physical well-being
      • gaining the confidence to let go and simplify life
      • adopting lessons from nature to become more creative and focused

      Come and remember, rewild and reconnect.


      For more information

      contact us on info@tigertraining.me

      Skype tigertraining

      or message us via our Facebook www.facebook.com/tigertraining.me

      Spain -

      Green Easter

      13 - 22 April 2017

      Deeply reignite your vitality, passion & creative wisdom. Easter retreat in beautiful Can Portell.

      >> more information <<

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      Swiss Alps -

      Crispy Summer

      4 - 13 August 2017

      Enhance your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. Summer retreat in crispy mountain air in the high Alps. Details coming soon.

      Spain - Golden Autumn

      13 - 22 October 2017

      Celebrate your sacredness, instinct & impact. Golden autumn retreat in sunny Catalunya. Details coming soon.

      Costa Rica - Ocean Winter

      29 Dec - 7 January 2018

      Come home. Practice your soul path - walk the Tao of the Tiger. Winter retreat on Pacific beaches & jungle. Details coming soon.

    • What skills will I learn?

      During a TigerTraining you have time to explore all of your natural beauty, confidence and power through intense personal guidance and fun outdoor group activities.


      Each TigerTraining retreat includes daily training in:


      • meditation practices: sitting, walking, breathing, focus, quiet mind
      • foundational vinyasa and hatha yoga: flexibility, flow, precision
      • quiet time to reconnect with nature: rewilding, inspiration, beauty
      • physical activities outdoors to play, challenge yourself, gain stamina
      • Taoist thinking: learning to let go, focus on simplicity, embrace joy
      • group circle sharing and storytelling
      • personal reflection exercises



      TigerTraining is a deep dive into your Self.

      It is an intense encounter with your deepest potential.​

      Learn to:

      - reconnect with and learn from wilderness

      - train in foundational yoga

      - train in meditation to refocus

      the mind’s eye

      - train in easy climbing

      - find your inner compass through Tao philosophy
      - deepen your heart-centred communication

      - practice circle sharing and storytelling

      - and more...


      Deeply refresh your body, mind and soul.


      Selected benefits:

      - improve health, physical balance and well-being
      - develop resilience in face of physical challenges
      - start breathing with your whole body
      - get creative and inspired by nature
      - learn to let go and simplify life
      - gain self-confidence
      - release addictions / compulsions


    • Spain - Easter retreat

      13 - 22 April 2017



      Deeply reignite your vitality, passion & creative wisdom.

      The Easter TigerTraining takes place in beautiful Catalunya at Can Portell retreat centre.



      Early bird

      Euros 1850 (save 230)

      for the first 8

      fully paid and registered

      by 10 Feb 2017





      Sample daily program


      07:30 meditation and yoga

      09:00 breakfast

      10:15 Taoist focus of the day and preparing for the day’s activities

      11:00 Outdoor physical activity: playing and expanding your limits.

      Activities may include: hiking, easy climbing, water sports, creative group work in nature

      13:00 lunch outdoors

      14:00 Outdoor activity continued, group reflection and coaching exercises

      18:00 Free space to relax and be

      19:00 dinner

      20:30 Inspiration and celebration

      Activities may include: storytelling, music jams, dance, mantra singing, silent meditation.


      Instruction in climbing and yoga are for all levels, using safe, gradual progressions.

      No experience required!


      practical information



      13 April 2017 from 16:00 (welcome and introduction at 20:00)


      22 April 2017 at 11:00

      Early bird: Register by

      10 February 2017



      We stay at the amazing Can Portell yoga BnB, near the Costa Brava, Catalonia. 30 minutes from Girona airport, 1h30 from Barcelona Airport.



      Can Portell is in the beautiful Catalonian hills. The building is a solid farmhouse or masia, dating back to 1690 with a spacious garden with pool and cheerfully designed sleeping quarters in both the main house and garden. Nestled between woodlands and pasture, it is close to both the Pyrenees for hiking and the Costa Brava beaches, and only 15 minutes from Girona town. You will enjoy awesome organic meals cooked by Can Portell’s own Mediterranean chef.

      For more details see


      Getting there

      1 By Plane: There are loads of cheap EasyJet and other charter flights to Girona and Barcelona. We will do 1 pick up from Barcelona airport and 1 pick up at Girona airport on the 13th of April in the afternoon. You can opt for your free airport transfer when you make your registration.
      2 Carsharing! We will share emails with all registered participants so you can organise your own car sharing if you wish to come down by car to get to the location.
      3 See the directions on the Can Portell website posted on http://www.123ole.nl/en/contact/



      The retreat is 10 days and 9 nights ALL-INCLUSIVE 2080 Euros per person:

      • all daily classes and instruction
      • accommodations in shared 2 person rooms
      • 3 delicious healthy meals a day
      • a celebration night
      • transportation to outdoor activities
      • taxes

      Early bird

      Euros 1850 (save 230)

      for the first 8

      fully paid and registered

      by 10 Feb 2017





      With confirmation of your payment received by TigerTraining we can reserve your room at Can Portell and organise transport and other logistics for the retreat.

    • join the adventure

      early bird until Feb 10th 2017

    • FAQ

      Can I come as a beginner?

      Yes! All activities, including climbing and yoga, are for all levels, using safe, gradual progressions. No experience required!


      Can I come later and leave earlier?

      No. As a group retreat, we will be caring for a deep group bond and build community together. We need you to commit to the process and be there for others as well as yourself.


      By when do I need to register and pay?

      We are offering an Early bird special: Euros 1850 all-in, for the first 8 people who are fully paid and registered by 10 Feb 2017. Later registrations need to pay the full price.


      Can I bring my pet?

      No sorry, we want to fully concentrate on our inner tiger.


      Do you cater to allergies / special diets? Yes, we cater to vegan and vegetarian diets.

      Do I need special insurance?

      Yes, you will need to be insured for accidents including outdoors sports including climbing and water sports

      Can I rent climbing or yoga equipment? No, however we can recommend websites where you can buy it or rent gear.


      What’s the weather like in Catalunya?

      At Easter time the weather is generally dry and warm, temperatures average 20-25C with sometimes a chance of rain. We recommend you bring layers for all weather.


      How far is Can Portell from the nearest city?

      The location 20 minutes from Girona.


      Can I get an airport transfer to the location?

      Yes, it’s included in the price: we do one pick up on 13th April from Girona airport, and one pick from Barcelona airport.

    • Testimonials

      ☼ Share the love - read what other people say about us.

      “I was touched by Madelon's ability to see how fragile and strong I was and able to give me hints to move forward. Thank you for this.”

      – M.C. Pierroz


      “Kilian is a masterful facilitator who knows how to engage and guide groups - whether large or small. His mindful kind and motivating communication are striking!”

      - M. Hohn


      “Madelon has great balance between listening and input. Structured and absolutely grounded. Good concepts and models to follow. Professional deep experience and coaching quality was an excellent mix”

      — M. Hoffmann

      “Coaching with Madelon definitely exceeded my expectations, the 1-on-1s were great as the she was able to find very easy the right platform to work with me and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone to deepen my understanding about myself.”

      — N. Matyasova


      “With his good sense of tact, professional commitment and empathy Kilian catalyzed a solution-oriented dynamic in our group process. He equally boosted synergistic networking among the participants as well as the focus on a integrated and sustainable approach.” - K. Tissira


      “I will keep Madelon's ability to balance caring and daring as an example in my leadership”

      — JB Tomlin




    • your Team

      Our mission is to share our best with you.

      Madelon Evers

      As a Dutch-Canadian nomad, I grew up and worked for 25 years in many regions of the world as a coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant. Passionate about nature, I love outdoor activities, experiencing firsthand how much we can discover our own inner nature if we explore with a free spirit and stay open to nature's teachings. I wish to contribute to a beautiful evolution of human consciousness and create paths to a healthy and inspiring way of life. I support people through creative work, personal and team coaching, leadership training, and systemic nature therapy outdoors. I feel grateful to guide others on a personal journey through some important transition moments. Look forward to meeting you soon!

      Kilian Raetzo

      As a Swiss climbing teacher, yoga teacher and meditation teacher, as well as a life coach and group presenter, I pour my energy freely into a positive change in people and society. In my spare time, I am a global mind activist, a changemaker, an urban mystic, and a campfire guitarist. The luminous green of leaves in the sun, the freshness of moss under my feet, the warmth of a fire at night: these are physical experiences that I cherish. Caring connections with people and with Nature bring ever greater depth to my life experiences. I’m delighted to be able to share the best of me, with you at the next retreat.

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